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Distributed Hotel TV Services

Thanks to the growth of internet based multimedia, the archetypal Video-On Demand and In-Room Entertainment model continues to decline. There is now a huge drive to deliver Free-to-Air quality TV entertainment to your guests.

Hot-Wire Solutions can manage the distributed TV service across your entire Establishment with complete installation and maintenance, from the Antenna and Satellite Dish, all the way through to the guest's remote.

In addition, we have the capability and experience to install headend solutions of all kinds to suit to your requirement, ranging from basic Freeview-to-analogue, all the way to foreign channels served over DVB-T.

LCD, LED & Plasma hardware can also be supplied and installed at highly cost effective rates.


Delivering communications excellence and maximising Telephone & Data revenue is part of the Hot-Wire Solutions commitment to the Hospitality industry.

Our propositions include Samsung, Avaya & Mitel - Key players in the Hospitality communications market place today.

We also maintain a best of breed partnership with TigerTMS for Call Accounting & Voice Messaging applications.

Security Systems

Hot-Wire Solutions can implement a complete CCTV solution based on the latest security hardware products and devices in the current marketplace.

Our offering can range from a simple 2 Camera & Recorder kit through to the most advanced multi-channel systems available today, accessible via your Internet browser or from your Smartphone. We have experience of all levels of systems and can recommend the most suitable to your specific requirements.

Structured Cabling

Our installations include single cable point-to-point terminations, or full Patch Panel cabling and terminations.

Data, Telecoms and TV Co-Axial cabling is all carried out by our experienced team of dedicated installers.

High Speed Internet Access

We can provide the most suitable solution for your guests. This can be scaled from a situation as simple as providing the Wireless Access Point & Wired infrastructure cabling (including Network Data switches) through to the provision of a complete Internet Access Control gateway, giving you control over your guests' bandwidth limits, voucher production and PMS billing.

Support can range from technical on-site maintenance through to the 24 x 7 Guest Support contracts.

PC, LAN & Applications Support

Hot-Wire Solutions have a highly scaleable approach to support. We can undertake the maintenance of individual PC's through to the entire Data network & LAN configuration. This can include security and PMS application consultancy.

Full on-line data backup services are offered.


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